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FAQ's about TownsBestSingles.com 

Welcome to TownsBestSingles.com,

This site was started by a web programmer(me) to serve public as a completely free way of meeting other singles around the world. Whether you live in USA or Russia, you will be able to sign in and contact other singles. I have been browsing the internet for a while and had quite a trouble trying to find a dating site that was completely free. I clicked on many links promising 100% Free online personals, just end up finding that I need to pay to contact the people I was interested or I could only use their services for free for a very limited period of time.

After a while, I decided to create my own web site and let the public enjoy online personals without any financial obligations. No credit cards or PayPal accounts, no limited memberships to entice you.

Another reason I am doing this is because I am sure there are alot of single parents looking to find a mate and don't have any extra money to spend every month. This site is great for single mothers and fathers where they can meet other single parents just like them without paying any money.

Money is a great factor for a lot people from single parents to college kids where they don't have the disposable income to spend every month to gain access to online dating sites. I am hoping my site will help people meet others and find happiness. 

I basically created what I was looking for when I wanted to find my match, A completely free dating site where you can just sign up and start contacting other singles whether they are local or around the world. This site is totally free to use so go ahead and enjoy

Here are some questions and answers.

  • Is this site really completely Free?
    Yes, it really is totally free. You can put your beloved wallet away since I don't have single web page that can accept your money.

  • How can you provide this site for free when most other sites are charging monthly fees?
    Other sites spending huge amounts of advertising money to get millions of mostly bogus profiles. I am providing this as a public service and fund it solely by Google ads that appear on my site.

  • Signup/Login Problems - You need to enable JavaScript in your browser!
    Here are couple external links on how to do this for AOL7-8, AOL9 and Internet Explorer.
  • Why do I need to provide my email?
    You email address is used to confirm your account. This is to stop individuals from creating bogus acccounts to send spam messages to others. At the time of registration, you will receive an activation code in your email which in return you need to enter it on our site in order to gain access to messaging funtions. If you do not receive your activation code, please check your email system to make sure it didn't blocked as spam. You can request a new code by using the Activation page.
  • I forgot my Password, How can I retreive it?
    If you can't remember your password, you can use the password recovery page. Just enter your username and your password will be emailed to you using the email address you registered with.
  • How long are you going to keep this site free?
    This entirely depends on the cost of running this site. Currently only funding is from Google ads, I can only keep it running as long as people are clicking on them.
  • What do you need to register for free membership?
    Just your email(for activation), ethnicity & location. My aim to have quality profiles, rather quantity. In order to search other profiles, you will need to fill out the Basics and Appearance sections of your profile.
  • Can you send messages for free as well?
    Yes, messaging is completely free. You can send or reply to others with your free profile. You are limited to 5 messages per hour and in order to use messaging, you will need to upload your photo. Other party needs know what you look like when you contact them. If your goal was just to talk people you can use chat rooms. I built this as a dating site so you will need post your picture to contact others.
  • Can people see my email address when I use your internal messaging system?
    No when you send a message using our messaging icon, other user will only see your profile name and can only reply to you by our internal message system. Your email address will never be showed to other profiles. Only way another member can get your email is if you include it in your message. Please use your judgment when including your email or Phone number since we do not check profiles and they could potentially keep sending you unwanted emails or call you. Your best bet is to use the internal messaging system until you are sure about contacting him/her directly.
  • Are you going to add new features in to this site? 
    Yes, this site is constantly being updated and new features are added as they come available. For ideas/suggestions, email: info@townsbestsingles.com